Animals ConnectionLLC

Intuititive Communication Consulting

From heart and soul into words

My mission

In 2001, I was able confirming something I always believed in: Talking and actively listening to animals is possible. In that year, I adopted a beautiful little white dog, Duna, who taught me that telepathic communication is possible and very effective. For over 10 years, she has been my mentor, she has shown me how to understand and how to connect our hearts and souls. I learned to listen to the spirit of all the animals. Everyday I am amazed to hear what they have to say! My mission is to help people to connect with their beloved pet or to help animals to connect with their beloved humans, in the same way my Duna did with me. I love to share my ability to help animals to feel better and to be able connecting them with us.



I exchange feelings, thoughts, and sensations with animals. Being able to communicate with them is a wonderful skill that helps working through issues or difficult situations. Just let your pets express themselves and share messages to their loved ones. Communication can also be made with beloved animals who crossed the rainbow bridge.


My journey

I have been experiencing telepathic communication for almost 15 years. Meditation, mental communication, and relaxation help me to enlarge all my senses to listening to the voice of animals who desire to communicate with me.



Decide if you prefer to address general aspects, queries on specific areas, or both.

During communication sessions I may help with different types of issues or concerns, like:

General inquiries

Health concerns

Behavior problems

End of life approach

After life communication

Household issues

Consultations are available in French and Italian too.



Consultation up to 30 min $45

Consultation follow up: You may come back with additional questions to your pet within 1 week after your consultation (up to 15 min) $20

Home visits are available upon request

Consultations are delivered via Skype, FaceTime, phone, or in person.


Get started

A session will be scheduled when the following items are received:

1. Name of your pet;

2. Photos of your pet (possibly more than one);

3. List of questions or concerns. You may indicate if there were anything you would like your pet to know.

4. Payment of service

5. Complete Client Agreement form


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+1(304) 906 6915